Who Are We?

FSFM LogoField Service and Factory Maintenance (FSFM) is one of the leaders in the compressed air industry in Kwa-Zulu Natal area, South Africa.  We are official  South African importers and distributors for Italian compressor manufacturing giant, ABAC.  Not only do we sell compressors but we offer an extensive range of compressed air services which include pressure testing, quality air solutions and airline installations.  Our other products and services outside ABAC are Rotair compressors, SAME & Deutz-Fahr Tractors, Mann Filters and Bot Industrial galvinised fittings and pneumatic accessories.

Our History

FSFM Premises

Field Service and Factory Maintenance unofficially began in 1991 with Abe Botes carrying out services part time in lunch times, after hours and weekends on top of his full-time job for extra money.

In 1992 Abe Botes left his employer at that time who were closing down and decided to start his own business “Field Service and Factory Maintenance”. FSFM initially consisted of Abe Botes, a tool box and the boot of a golf. The admin side or “the books” were left in hands of Gaye Botes, Abe’s wife, where she used a little invoice book and a small soft covered analysis book to record all the businesses transactions. Slowly FSFM began to expand, workshop and office equipment were gradually acquired and the back of the golf evolved into a 70-square-metre workshop.

Compressor MaintenanceIn 1995, after 3 years of establishing themselves in the industry, long hard hours and many family sacrifices, the Botes’s acquired a small plot of land Unit 19 at Davlen Park (190 square metres), where they spent 9 years continuing to develop their business.

FSFM MaintenanceIn 2003, our present premises, 12 Halstead Rd was purchased, which consisted of 600 square metres of factory space and an office block. In addition, 3 mini factories totalling 1000 square metres in Shelash Park were also established and developed.

Since then FSFM has been extremely active in the compressed air, tractor, factory maintenance and general engineering industries.  And is now the official importers and distributors of ABAC air compressors in South Africa.

How we want to serve you

Choose FSFMWe know in the compressor industry it is difficult to find an honest and trustworthy partner who will put your needs ahead of theirs. However, at FSFM this is what we guarantee.  Being a business based upon family values, we strive to meet our customers needs and achieve our goals without compromising important values. Thus, our primary objective at FSFM is to offer our customers quality products, services and solutions which will best meet thier needs. period.

FSFM Products

Contact FSFMIf you have any queries about any of our products and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

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