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Extend the lifetime of your compressor with ABAC Original Parts.

Why Choose ABAC Original Spare Parts?

Reason 1: Extend the lifetime of your compressor

As non-genuine parts don’t meet the same standards as ABAC Original Parts, they have a negative impact on the wear of compressors and reduce the reliability and lifetime of your installation.  ABAC Original Parts designed to the same standards as your equipment and have passed the severe endurance tests. The ABAC mission is to extend the lifetime of your compressed air installation.

Reason 2: Reduce Costs and Save Energy

Unprofessional maintenance might lead to supplementary unpredictable high cost due to element or piston failure, wear, break-down costreduced lifetime and even to contamination of the compressed air supply.  Respecting service intervals and using ABAC Original Parts increase the lifetime of your compressed air installation and cause a minimal average pressure drop, which leads to energy savings and cost effectiveness.

Reason 3: Get Maximum Performance and Efficiency

Breakdown of your compressor would not only be costly, but could also cause your revenues reduction or even business loss. With ABAC Original Parts increase the reliability of your compressor by reducing the risk of breakdown.


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