Our range of ABAC Air Dryers are used to eliminate water vapour found in you compressed air network which can potentially condensate in your compressed air system.

Refrigerant dryer

ABAC Refrigerant dryers use a refrigerant gas in order to cool the compressed air.  This results in the water from the air condensing which can then be removed.

ABAC Refrigerant DryerWith this technique we can reach max. 3°C. PDP.

Commonly used Applications:
Pneumatic applications and general industry (e.g. engineering, steel, paper, tannery, garage).

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Adsorption dryer

An adsorption dryer uses an adsorption material called “desiccant” in order to absorb and remove (by regeneration phase) the humidity from the compressed air.

ABAC Absorption Dryer With this method we can reach a PDP < 3°C. ( -40°C. or -70°C.).  An adsorption dryer should be used when the ambient temperature goes below freezing point to avoid ice building in pipes and applications.  

Commonly used Applications:
Chemical Industry, food industry and the pharmaceutical industry

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