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Amazing response time and emergency assistance


We have been using the services of FSFM for a couple of years now and compared to other service providers we've used before they have been great.  Their response time is so amazing.  The kind of work we do requires that we keep a tight schedule especially when we are demolishing vehicles.

One time we had a breakdown and all their guys were out on other jobs and we had a serious emergency.  Other service providers would have told us to wait till the next day or even longer, but FSFM managed to source someone to assist.  Within a couple of hours we were up and running.  We managed to keep our schedule and saved a lot of costs.

We love their urgent response to emergencies and their attention to detail as well as their willingness to help where possible.

Prompt Servicing

Somta Tools

I would like to thank your company for the prompt service they have given us in undertaking the pressure testing of our vessels.  The service was excellent and quick with the minimum downtime.  I would like to thank Abe [FSFM's owner and maintenance manager] for the patience he had excercised when extra work had to be carried out by my team.

Trevor Bhim
Somta Tools

Service Excellence


Field Services has been maintaining our plant for many years.   Their service is excellent and the staff are very friendly, efficient and obliging.

Lindi-Ann van Wyk
CCA Plastic Products

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