Mann Filters: Perfect for Compressors

Every service under control with robust, energy-efficient and quick to exchange.

Mann Filter LogoMann Filter are suppliers of complete filter systems with robustness as the highest priority. With products from MANN-Filter, you compressors operate reliably and economically. Together with leading manufacturers in this field, Mann-Filter are continually developing new solutions. This is why well-known compressor manufacturers put their trust in MANN+HUMMEL as their development partner.

Mann Air Filters

Ensure the cleanliness of your air with our selection of Mann Air Filters

  • Minimum Pressure losses for long service life
  • High-quality components that are designed to work together to safeguard your processes
  • Provide top performance and energy efficiency
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Mann Air-Oil Separators Filters

Ensure the efficiency of your operations with our selection of Mann Air-Oil Separators 

  • Maximum service life and energy efficiency that offer great results thanks to minimum pressure losses
  • Leads to minimum residual oil content of only 1-2 ppm
  • Extends the service life of downstream fine filters, allowing you to save costs
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Mann Oil Filters

Ensure you have no problems with our selection of Mann Oil Filters

  • All components are designed to work with aggressive compressor oils ensuring reliable processes
  • High compressor performance thanks to optimum wear protection offering high dust capacity
  • Clean oil benefits the service life of the air-oil separator

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